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So, you are hosting a party and want to include cheese? Way to go, we can only approve your decision! Here is a little guide on how to set up a fancy cheese platter to make it look as good as it tastes and wow your guests.


  1. The base

A really nice way to set up a cheese platter is on a wooden board. You can just use the one on which you cut your vegetables. It will instantly look more put together than just throwing everything on a plate. This also goes for knives that will go on the platter. Put out the nice silverware and make sure there is at least one knife for two people (so no one fights over them).


  1. The arrangement

You can then arrange your cheeses nicely. Make sure to cut the ones that are too big and would take the whole space so everything fits nicely, without touching each other. However, only cut hard cheese. Usually these are the ones that are cut at the store anyways. Make sure you don’t cut a round shape cheese.


  1. Add props

Edible props that is. Some of our favorites are grapes, dried apricots or dried figs, walnuts (or other nuts, like pine nuts for example). This is the step where you can really be creative. You could also add little jars of jam. Black cherries jam or fig jam are great with goat cheeses.


  1. The bread

You should get at least a French baguette. But if you want to make it a little fancier you could pick an assortment of breads, such as a rustic bread, a nuts bread, olive bread, figs bread. And you can even have some crackers (remove all plastic wraps though or it will not look good).

  1. The side

A nice cheese platter is a full meal in itself. So you want to have a side with it. This is usually a very simple salad, with a dark green salad base (think arugula), a simple balsamic or Dijon mustard dressing and maybe some nuts.


  1. The wine

Because what would a cheese platter be without wine to go with it. Well, let me tell you: it would be sad! Here you should try getting 2 to 3 different wines. You can seek advice from our stores depending on what type of cheeses you are serving but you can also check out our article about great cheese and wine pairings. Atelier Monnier has a great selection of wines so chances are you will find the perfect ones!


Pro tip: Put the cheese platter out of the refrigerator between 30 minutes to 1 hour before serving. The cheeses will taste much better and all the props will be at room temperature so there is no risk of a brain freeze.


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