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Boulangerie miami: A bakery in the heart of Brickell Avenue in Miami


A piece of Parisian paradise and a mix of Miami

Are you looking for an authentic taste of Paris right in the heart of Miami? Look no further than Atelier Monnier’s bakery located all along Brickell Avenue. Although it is a little hidden, it offers all its clients a large and quiet terrace, ideal for people who want to enjoy a delicious coffee during the week and share with their colleagues.

Boulangerie Miami: A culinary journey on Brickell Avenue

Imagine strolling down Brickell Avenue, surrounded by the energy of Miami, and coming across Atelier Monnier, a temptation for those craving the delicious delights of a traditional bakery. Every morning at Atelier Monnier we produce and bake our own creations, becoming an artisanal bakery.


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The craftsmanship behind the artisanal pastries of Atelier Monnier

Enter our bakery, where each pastry is a temptation, made with precision and passion. At Atelier Monnier, we pride ourselves on our artisanal approach and offer a unique selection of freshly baked goods that transport you straight to the streets of Paris.

Gluten-Free Delights: Elevating the Bakery Experience

At Atelier Monnier, we specialize in catering to diverse tastes and our commitment to quality extends to our gluten-free offering. Indulge in our specially crafted cakes, where gluten-free meets gourmet, adding an extra layer of delight to your baking experience. Since we like to take care of our clients, it is for this reason that we implement rice, coconut and almond flours.

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Visit us: where tradition meets Miami cool

Ready to enjoy the epitome of French culinary art in Miami? Visit our stores and immerse yourself in the unique combination of tradition and Miami freshness that defines Atelier Monnier. From delicious croissants, cakes gluten-free, even vegan pastries, there are treats for everyone.

Find your nearest Atelier Monnier store: a taste of Paris awaits you

We invite you to explore our artisan offerings and locate the nearest store at Your Parisian getaway in the heart of Miami is just a visit away: come and savor the authentic taste of our handcrafted delicacies and fine wines brought in from France and other parts of Europe.