We are excited to announce a new spin on our food & wine pairings across our South Beach, Brickell, and Pinecrest Locations: the Wine Casino.

We have incorporated a game to our wine tasting experience to add an extra element of fun and learning!

You will have 1.5 to 2 hours of delicious entertainment, tasting 6 wines paired with 12 food items, and placing bets on categories including country, region, grape, and age of the wine.

A sommelier will guide the smelling, tasting, and food pairing to provide an enriching experience, and to increase your chances of making the right bets. 

Come experience our entertaining new take on wine pairings, where you have a chance to win 15% off of your purchases for the evening.



To attend a Food and Wine Pairing, make sure to scan the QR code or call your preferred Atelier Monnier location and reserve your spot. $50 per person.
Food and Wine Pairings are offered in our Brickell Café, South Beach Café and Pinecrest Boutique. The classes last about 2 hours
Brickell Cafe: Thursday at 5 pm
Pinecrest Boutique:  Saturday at 5pm
South Beach Cafe: Monday at 5pm