How To Host A French “Apéro” –  Part 2: The Food

An “Apéro” is basically a chill cocktail party. It is either the “before” to a classic meal, or it can be the full meal (an “apéro dinatoire”). With the party season coming up, we thought a French-themed party could be a great way for you to entertain guests. In this series, we will share the staples you will need to host a wonderful French Apéro.


Last month, we discussed drinks (if you missed the article, you can read it here). Today, we will cover the foods. Grab a snack before reading this next part, as it will make you hungry!

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Saucisson is a must have for any apéro. You can have different kinds, from classic to cheese flavored. The trick is to cut thin slices. When serving saucisson, it is always nice to have cornichons (pickles) around. Some people also like eating saucisson over bread and butter. Usually, the host does not make the toasts but would have salted butter and slices of bread on the table.



During a classic meal, cheeses would have to wait until the main course is over. But during an apéro, they can be served right away. You would just have a platter of cheeses. If you haven’t you should read our article about how to create the perfect cheese platter. Once again, have that bread handy!



You could serve a mix of black and green olives. The anchovies or peppers filled green olives are also very popular. Your guests probably have preferences so ideally, you should serve them in different bowl and have a tag with the type of olive each is (especially for the filled ones).


These are the basics. However, if you want to have a full apéro meal, you can add these to the mix.


Tapenade toasts

You can serve both green and black tapenade. You could either make the toasts or have the tapenade in bowls, next to a basket of bread, for the guests to make their own (this is totally acceptable).


Smoked salmon toasts

These are nicer to have prepared in advance as a DIY station could be messier with salmon. You would basically have bread, butter and a slice of salmon. You can add lemon or if you choose not to, add lemon halves on your table. It is also nice to add a cream mixed with dill over the toasts.


Finger foods

Finally, there is a variety of finger foods you can offer. In France, a lot of them would involve puff pastry. Atelier Monnier does offer finger foods and catering to make this part extra easy!


We hope this article gave you great ideas to plan your own apéro. Stay tuned for next month’s article where we will discuss the most interesting part: Dessert!