How To Host A French “Apéro” –  Part 1: The Drinks

An “Apéro” is basically a chill cocktail party. It is either the “before” to a classic meal, or it can be the full meal (an “apéro dinatoire”). With the party season coming up, we thought a French themed party could be a great way for you to entertain guests. In this series, we will share the staples you will need to host a wonderful French Apéro.

In this first part, we will cover the drinks.

1. Pastis
Pastis is a very popular drink in France, especially during the summer. It has a strong anise taste and is meant to be cut with water.

2. Rosé wine
Rosé is a must have for any apéro. It is the only type of wine for which it is acceptable to add ice in the glass. If you want to make it extra fancy, a great tip is to replace ice with frozen strawberries or any frozen berries. It will look fantastic and the wine taste will not be altered as much, since the ice would normally melt into the wine, thus making it less tasty. Red wine and white wine will also be appreciated, especially if you are doing the apéro in place of a meal. You can then have all the wines out for the guests to pour depending on what they are eating. You could even do a little food and wine pairing station!

3 & 4. Beer based drinks
Obviously you can serve plain beer, but there are a few beer based drinks which are very popular in France.
Panaché: beer + lemon soda
Tango: beer + grenadine (berries syrup)
Monaco: beer + lemon soda + grenadine

5. Kir and Kir Royal
Kir: white wine + blackcurrent liquor
Kir Royal: champagne + blackcurrent liquor

6. Champagne
If you are celebrating anything you will need Champagne. It can be served from the start of the party and until dessert.

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At Atelier Monnier we have an amazing selection of wines and Champagnes and our Sommelier can assist you in choosing the ones that will pair perfectly with the food you will be serving.

Speaking of food, stay tuned for next month’s article in which we will cover what guests usually munch on at a French Apéro.

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