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Today, we wanted to share about our philosophy and our vision of French Pastry.

At Atelier Monnier, we view eating well as an act of self-care.

We are very proud to have created a community of gourmets and foodies. We recently had the pleasure of having KFitzEats at our South Beach Café. We got amazing feedback from this visit (you can check the article she wrote about Atelier Monnier here). This made us want to share a little more about our philosophy.

  • We consider food to be an art, which is why we are always striving to bring you new recipes and improve our products, as well as provide the best possible experience to our customers.
  • Only the best! Our products are locally crafted each day by a very talented team of pastry professionals in Miami, who are always striving to bring you the best.
  • Treat yo’self! As we mentioned in the intro, we think food is an act of self-care. Whether it’s a comfort food, or a healthy yet delicious meal that fuels your energy or a sweet treat for a special occasion, food should be fun and is a big part of self-care.
  • Sharing special moments. We know we are there for a lot of special moments in our customers lives. From nice lunches with colleagues to fun with friends over a food and wine pairing at one of our cafés, birthday parties with an Atelier Monnier cake, milestones celebration with a treat to yourself. We love being a part of our customers lives and hearing about your experiences when they are shared on social media.

We really appreciate our customers’ support and we hope to bring you joy and contribute to your precious moments.