Easter in an Eggshell…

Easter marks the end of the Holy Week, the end of Lent, and the resurrection of Jesus in the Christian religion.

Lent is a season of 40 days, not counting Sundays that represent the time Jesus spent fasting in the desert overcoming the temptations of Satan.

So where does the easter bunny hop-in to all of this?

Well, the Easter Bunny also called the Easter Rabbit, is a creature of Lutheran German folklore.

Almost like Santa Claus during Christmas the Easter Bunny plays the role of a judge evaluating young children and their behavior during the easter season.

For good behavior the children would be rewarded with colorful easter eggs and maybe even gifts to the their homes.

Children would have to give-up something they enjoy during the 40 days that represents the Lent season. Giving up something they enjoy for the season would symbolize not giving in to the temptations of Satan, thus the Easter rabbit would reward the success.

Time to get your Easter on!

Once traditions, holidays, and cultures arrive in the United States they usually go through a process of being reinvented. The meaning doesn’t change, but the intensity goes up dramatically.

The holiday or tradition now has the chance to be adapted by a whole new culture of people who have their own traditions for celebrating a particular holiday. Almost like evolving, the diverse cultures take part in sharing traditions and the holiday grows and diversifies much more.

The TURN UP IS REAL! After decades of celebration in this form, you can say the holiday is embraced by millions more and celebrated to the maximum.

So how does someone Easter like a pro?

Below are a few fun things you can do this Easter Sunday that will keep the tradition alive.

Visit your cities local zoo  On a day like Easter Sunday most local zoos cater to children and families by creating fun Egg hunts or events for all to take part in. It is also refreshing to visit Lions, Tigers, and Bears in person.

Dine out Easter Brunch  Enjoy a delicious late breakfast or early lunch in Miami Beach. Soak-in the magnificent vistas of South Beach and spoil yourself with some Eggs Benedict and a mimosa.

Family game day  As cheesy as it sounds, we can all benefit from a day with our family. Both emotionally and physically being with loved ones reliefs stress, anxiety, and adds a sense of peacefulness we can all use.

Reward yourself  A gift from the Easter bunny isn’t only for children. If you kept your faithful promise to stray way from anything you love for 40 days? It’s time to reward yourself with a new shirt, pants, movie, or good book. 

Eat Chocolate  As part of the Easter tradition eating chocolates in the shape of bunnies is the best way to celebrate the wonderful occasion. Atelier Monnier French Bakery in Miami offers the most creative bunny, and egg shaped chocolates to commemorate the holiday. 

We hope you were able to find some inspiration for this Easter holiday on things you can do. Leave us a comment and tell us how you will be celebrating this years Easter holiday.

And don’t be afraid to go BIG!