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Yule Log - Buche Aube


Discover our brand new Holiday special, the Yule Log – Buche Aube*.

A delicious banana sponge cake topped with white Chocolate mousse, a passion fruit, banana and caramel custard and shaped as a yule log.

* Available during the whole month of December.

Don’t forget to ask about our Holiday Specials next time you visit us, or order it now from our online store: Dadeland Boutique / Brickell Café

Yule Log - Buche CrunchyAnd for the chocolate fans, the Yule Log – Buche Cécile and the Yule Log – Buche Crunchy will be available as of December 12th !

Yule Log – Buche Cécile 
A Dark Chocolate & Pecan sponge cake topped with Dark Chocolate mousse, Vanilla cream, and a Caramel & Pecan crunchy, and shaped as a yule log

Yule Log – Buche Crunchy
A Hazelnut sponge cake topped with Milk Chocolate mousse, a hazelnut cream and caramel, and shaped as a yule log

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