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Do you feel like French people (and Europeans in general) are so lucky to have a fit figure, while stuffing their mouths with cheese, bread and wine all day long and not even working out that much?


Well, first of all, don’t be jelly (it won’t help). Second of all, we are about to reveal the eating habits that make all of this possible.


  1. All in moderation

French people and Europeans eat whatever they want. Well, that is kind of true. The secret here is to eat whatever you want but not however much you want. Portion control is key and if you’ve ever traveled to Europe you might notice a big difference when it comes to serving sizes vs. in the US.


  1. Balanced meals

In France, you learn from a young age that every plate should have vegetables and protein and carbs for it to be a balanced meal.


  1. Quality products

This means farmer’s market, or organic produce. It is the best, especially for protein (meats, fishes, eggs), especially since they tend to contain much more antibiotics and not very natural stuff in the US (which could cause you to gain weight as well). Most importantly, this also means homemade. You might not always have a lot of time to cook but just putting up a quick meal can make a difference. Alternatively, try getting info about where the food at the restaurants you eat at come from and if it is homemade. Check this out for more info on Atelier Monnier’s products.


  1. The art of cooking vegetables

If you hate veggies, blame it on the cook (if you’re the cook that’s too bad). In the US, vegetables will often be steamed and… Well that’s about it. No wonder there is no excitement here. In Europe, vegetables are cooked often with some kind of fat (cream, butter or the healthier version: olive oil), and seasoned with at least salt and pepper, but most of the time different spices, garlic, parsley or other herbs, making them waaaay tastier but still very healthy.


  1. No snacking

French people usually do not snack between meals (except children). When they have a craving, they would go for a fruit or dark chocolate or nuts.


  1. No feeling guilty

Europeans seem to feel way less guilty that Americans when eating something not so healthy. As the portions remain reasonable, a little treat will not have a huge impact on their diet so they don’t overthink it.


Bonus habit: Walking around

It is much easier to just walk around anywhere in Europe than it is in the US. A simple walk to work or to the subway, then to gram lunch can easily add up to 20 – 30 minutes per day. Which adds up to 2 – 3 hours per week. If you need to take your car because you most likely have a long distance to go, try taking the stairs to your car, at work and just walking whenever you can.


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