Neuhaus Belgian


Neuhaus Belgian chocolates made in Belgium according to original recipes from 1857. Luxury presentations are available for easy gift options.

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Assorted filled chocolates, called pralines 

Irrésistibles with nougatine, Manons with fresh cream, Cornets with Gianduja, Pralinés with hazelnuts and almonds, Caramels, and Ganaches with smooth chocolate filling

Neuhaus Ballotins of 1/4 Lb and 1/2 Lb

The classic ballotin box offers a tempting chocolate assortment with praliné, ganache and gianduja fillings that will appeal to any chocolate lover

Neuhaus Orangettes

Candied orange peels enrobed in high quality Belgian chocolate from Neuhaus

Neuhaus Carrés 

Individually wrapped Neuhaus chocolates

Neuhaus Cocoa Powder for Hot Chocolate 

It’s easy to enjoy delicious hot chocolate using Neuhaus powdered instant hot chocolate, just add hot milk and enjoy!

Neuhaus History Collection Gift Box

The gift box contains 28 delicious masterpieces and a brochure explaining the rich history of Neuhaus, presented in an elegant luxury shopping bag

Hand-made and All Natural Confections Crafted with Luxury Chocolate from Venezuela and High Quality Ingredients Right Here in Miami

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Dadeland Boutique / Brickell Café


Assorted Bonbons 

Chocolate fleur de sel, caramel, honeycomb, passion fruit, champagne


With dark chocolate ganache


Silvered almond and candied orange peel coated in dark chocolate

Chocolate Ganache sauce


No need to cross the Atlantic to enjoy traditional French pates de fruits.  For centuries, people in France have enjoyed these sweets; now Atelier Monnier brings them to your door. Try them individually or combine them in our stylish gift boxes.

Pates de Fruits

Cassis, raspberry, pineapple, passion fruit, guava, apple


These spreads and jams are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients available. Served in different sizes for your personal use, they also make the perfect present for any occasion.

Confitures / Jams
Raspberry, Caribbean, Spicy Orange peel