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Everyone loves a good movie. Everyone loves food, well most of us do. So what happens when you mix the two? 

Do you get food that tastes like a movie?

Guess again! 

You get a movie about food.

It is not unusual to see a dining scene or people eating in movies. According to online critiques, 63% of the best-made movies have eating scenes. 

Whether it’s Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta sipping coffee in a diner. The Ninja Turtles eating pizza in the sewer, or hundreds of students eating together at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, we can all agree the food is in a lot of movies. 

Movies About French Cuisine

Let’s dive into this, how about a movie about food or eating. 

Not too many right? 

Now let’s dive deeper than that! 

How about a movie based completely on French Cuisine. 

Can you think of any off the top of your head? 

Well if you can’t it’s ok. We took the liberty of doing the research for you and creating a list of the Top 3 movies in no particular order, based on food, specifically French food. Bon Appétit! 



A Disney animation movie about a rat who knows his way around a Kitchen. The rat prepares some of the most famous traditional French dishes in this great family movie. This movie is best served with a Crepe Avocado paired with some exquisite prosciutto. 


Is it possible that a taste of Chocolate can make you lose all direction and morality? In this 2000 film with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, a French village is turned upside down by the influence of La Chocolaterie Maya. This great movie is best watched with, you guessed it! Chocolate! But not just any chocolate. A delicious variety of mini chocolates.

The Hundred Foot Journey

If you don’t understand the importance of traditional French cuisine this movie will elaborate on that for you. Although it may also make you hungry for some Indian dishes as well, the French delicacies in this film include a delicious omelet aux fines Herbs that can be tasted at Atelier Monnier

Food for Thought

Well, there you have it. Our top three picks based on French cuisine. Each movie is sure to entertain.

Be warned: If you’re watching these movies on an empty stomach, you will develop a strong desire to ravage through some French food. 

In a large scale, the three movies on this list are a small example of how certain food can inspire certain minds to create. 

Now it’s your turn to be imaginative. 

 If you were to create a movie around what you ate for dinner last night, what would it be about? 

Where would it take place? 

Would it be a love story, a comedy, or a little of both? 

Tell us in the comment section on our channels about the masterpiece you would create.