Yeast Raised Flaky Pastry

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Plain Croissant
Yeast raised flaky pastry

Chocolate Croissant
Filled with two bars of chocolate

Almond Croissant
Filled and topped with almond cream

Almond Chocolate Croissant
Filled with bars of chocolate and almond cream

Pain aux Raisins
Filled with pastry cream and rum-soaked raisins

Blueberry Danish
Filled with blueberry compote and cream cheese

Apple Crumble Danish
Filled with almond cream, sauteed apples and crumble

Apricot Danish
Filled with pastry cream, apricots and crushed pistachios

Yeast raised pastry, rich and tender from the high content in eggs and butter

Mini Croissant 
Available in plain, chocolate, blueberry, apricot, raisins, apple crumble

Mini Almond Croissant

Choux pastry topped with pearl sugar

Palm-shaped caramelized puff pastry

Mini Palmier

Rich and dense baked custard with a thinly caramelized shell

Toast and butter
1/3 of baguette or two slices of bread loaf with butter
Add ham, bacon, chicken, turkey, prosciutto, smoked salmon, swiss, feta, brie, mozzarella, cream cheese, tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms, confiture